Security is everybody’s affair !!!

The organization sets up a medical and security service supervised by medical professionals throughout the courses as well as mountain guides trained to coach sports practices with a perfect knowledge of the area.



The mandatory equipment is the minimum necessary to be able to avoid all eventualities on a trail. It is the responsibility of everyone to adapt to their level, their likely race time and habits. Mandatory equipment is specified in the rules.

Instructions on the course


  • Do not stop on high points
  • If you lose the markup: turn around to find the last tag
  • Stay on the paths

Alert in case of emergency

You, or a competitor, are in difficulty and immobilized: Use your mobile phone * to contact the Race PC (number in the Road book) or one of the members of the organization distributed on all courses - WARNING: It is mandatory not to leave a person in difficulty alone.


Fatigue and vigilance

Places are provided on the refreshment points to rest, sleep a few moments. It is dangerous to stop alone in nature to sleep. Fatigue and lack of vigilance can cause an accident.
Run short of your possibilities (especially in the first part) to keep energy to overcome a difficult situation such as a sudden change in weather.

Food & hydration

Food & hydration

Hydration and energy intake must be adapted to weather conditions and enriched with salt throughout the effort.
Maintain a good balance between slow sugars and fast sugars.

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