02 MAY 2020
9km - 15km

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A volcanic night, running to the stars!

The Nocturna IRAZU offers you an even more extraordinary and wild experience. The IRAZU Night Volcano is a unique event in Costa Rica with panoramic views of the capital SAN JOSE and Cartago. For more information, please contact us:


Start § Finish: Complejo turistico Nochebuena

Complejo turistico Nochebuena. Restaurante nochebuena.  Museo de volcanes. Senderos
Carretera Al Volcan Irazu, En El Km 24, 5 | 2189, Cartago 136-1225, Costa Rica
+506 2530 8013


Routes: 15km-9km



Friday, MAY 01, 2020

Opening of the village race and welcoming runners
All long day: Exhibition and various activities in the race village !!

  • From 10:00 a.m.: Opening of the village exhibitors and welcoming runners.
  • 10am-6pm: Welcome Runners to the Race Village.
  • 6:00 p.m.: Closing of the exhibitors village

Saturday 02 MAY 2020

Opening of the village race and welcoming runners
All long day: Exhibition and various activities in the race village !!

  • From 9:00 a.m.: Opening of the Race Village and welcoming runners
  • 4h30 pm: Start 15km
  • 5h00 pm: Start 9km




  • Medical certificate
  • Two lamps in good working order with sufficient energy reserve
  • Blanket
  • Whistle
  • Jacket and pants waterproof and fleece
  • Race number, worn on the front so that it is easily visible.



  • Mobile phone with option allowing its use in Morocco
  • Telescopic sticks
  • Spare clothes


Article 1: It is the duty of each participant to know the rules. The Organization reserves the right to modify the rules, the course, the place, the date and the destination of the initial competition in case of bad weather or for reasons beyond our control.
Article 2: In the absence of a valid medical certificate, you will not be able to participate.
Information about the Medical Certificate: Each participant must provide the organization with a medical certificate not to contraindicate the practice of Athletics in competition or competitive running dating from less than one year to the date of the event, or its copy.
Each participant will have to provide this document on the spot to the withdrawal of the bibs. In the absence of these documents, the bib can not be removed.
It is noted that the riders are aware of the level of difficulty of the event, for technical reasons the organization can not come and get the riders between 2 points of supply for reasons of simple fatigue it is the fate of everyone to know its capabilities and limitations. The assistance only intervenes in serious case or injury having a risk to the health of the participant or having a confirmed immobility.
It is the duty and the obligation of every rider to assist another rider in difficulty (lack of water, food, or technical damage)
We are in mountain activities and the philosophy of mountain and caring goes well before the competition
Article 3: Abusive languages ​​and unsportsmanlike behavior may be penalized by a disqualification or time penalty depending on the appreciation of the judges.
Article 4: Participants who throw garbage outside the appropriate containers are automatically disqualified.
Article 5: Illegal use of substances, chemicals or alcohol is prohibited.
Article 6: The organization of the event reserves the right to cancel or modify the course of the competition for security reasons.
Article 7: Time barriers are set up on the course.
All participants arriving with a higher time will be disqualified. Those wishing to continue will have to give the bib and the chip, but can continue the circuit under their own responsibility.
Article 8: The organizers and their sponsors reserve the right to use, reproduce, distribute and make public photographs, videos, films and recordings of the participants whatsoever, without any economic compensation for the participants present at the event.
Article 9: The organizers reserve the right to cancel the race in the interest of public safety in case of public acts, vandalism. The organization reserves the right to cancel the event in case of force majeure, or if the minimum number of registered runners is not reached
Article 10: The organizer will not refund the registration fees to any participant who decides not to take part of the event once already registered. Registrations are not transferable or refundable under any circumstances.
Article 11: MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: safety on the course of the race will be led by a professional medical team.


  • Categoría general: Se premiarán las primeras 3 mujeres y 3 hombres con trofeos y productos de los patrocinadores
  • Master A: De 41 a 50 años cumplidos (Se premiarán las primeras 3 mujeres y 3 hombres ​con un reconocimiento)
  • Master B: De 51 años en adelante (Se premiarán las primeras 3 mujeres y 3 hombres ​con un reconocimiento)
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